First time on android, listen to your baby's heartbeat!

Baby Heartbeats

Baby Heartbeats is an android app designed to record fetal heartbeat with just phone's microphone. Baby's heartbeat recording can be shared with your loved ones via email, facebook, twitter etc. This application is developed for last trimester of pregnancy. It is safe to use as AIRPLANE MODE mode is mandatory which cancels all emitted waves from the device (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, etc.), so you can use your android phone as stethoscope to hear your fetal heartbeats.

BE ADVISED! This app is not intended as a replacement for medical advice. For any medical questions, consult with your doctor. 



"I'm 22 weeks pregnant could here the heart beat fine.. Love it" -- Brandon mcduffy

"Increases the curiosity to see the face of the child after hearing the heart beats :)" -- Vaseem Khan


1. How to hear my baby's heartbeat?

Please ensure you are in quiet surrounding especially no TV, music, etc. Place your android phone on your lower abdomen with the microphone facing, make sure phone case is removed. This version of the app is intended only for third trimester of pregnancy. As a safety measure recording can only happen in airplane mode. Press record button, app will ask permission to turn on airplane mode. After recording for sometime press stop, filtering process will take some time to complete. After processing you can listen to the preview by clicking on "Preview", "Save" and "Discard" the recording.

2. Is this app safe?

As airplane mode is mandatory for this app to work, it cuts off all the transmission\communication.

3. Can I share baby's heartbeat recordings? 

Yes, you can share the recordings from the playlist, click on the downward arrow on the recording, context menu will show up. You can click on "Share\Send" menu option to shareemail the recording.

4. Why isn't the recording clear? 

Your fetus is surrounded by various abdominal sounds, even after extensive filtering there are still some noise that can not be filtered out.